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We supply high quality seasoned firewood, cut to approximately 30cm lengths and split to sizes suitable for domestic wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

All firewood is sourced either from our own tree surgery work or from sustainable UK forestry operations. We only supply hardwood, which may be a variety of species such as Ash, Sycamore, Oak, Cherry and Birch.

Our delivery vehicle has an approximate 2m3 load capacity; one level load of firewood delivered loose to your premises within the St Ives and Huntingdon area is priced at £180 including VAT. Other quantities can be delivered and discounts may be available for larger orders. Firewood is usually left in a loose load for the homeowner to stack in their own storage, however we may be able to assist with this for an additional fee.

Please contact our office for further information or to place an order.

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