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We carry out a variety of tree pruning work ranging from small ornamental trees to mature specimen trees, in locations varying from domestic gardens to construction sites and roadside trees where traffic management and specialist equipment may be required.

Our experienced tree surgery professionals are trained and equipped to carry out high quality tree pruning work in the best interests of trees and their long term health, and to BS3998:2010.

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Tree pruning usually takes one of several forms:

  • Crown reduction involves reducing the size of the tree, usually to let more light into a garden or house, whilst maintaining as natural an appearance as possible. If carried out in the best interests of the tree, no more than 25 - 30% of a tree’s photosynthetic area is removed at any one time
  • Crown thinning retains the overall size of a tree, whilst thinning the outer canopy and removing any crossing branches in the centre of the crown. This reduces the density of foliage and wind resistance of the tree while allowing more light to pass through the canopy
  • Crown lifting involves removing the lower branches, usually to allow space for pedestrians or vehicles. Often carried out where large trees overhang roads used by buses or HGVs
  • Dead-wooding is usually carried out as part of normal pruning work. Dead branches occur naturally in trees, particularly in large mature specimens, and are normally removed to reduce the risk of them falling from the tree

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Professional Tree Surgery and Services


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