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Trees sometimes need to be completely removed, often because they have outgrown their position, or perhaps because they have become diseased or dangerous.

Removal of trees can be a specialist task, particularly in urban settings where trees may overhang houses, garden structures or roads.

Cambridge Trees Ltd are able to remove trees of any size, from overgrown conifers in the front garden to careful sectional felling of large mature trees. We employ experienced staff trained to nationally recognised NPTC standards to ensure that tree removal work is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

Standard tree surgery techniques can be used to dismantle the majority of trees, however diseased and dying trees can present a particular hazard and may sometimes require the use of specialist machinery. Where necessary our professional tree surgeons will use Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (cherry pickers) to safely remove trees that are too decayed or unstable to be accessed using rope and harness techniques.

Please contact our office to arrange a free on site visit and quotation.

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